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Battery life on the Exynos


Why is the idle battery usage so stupidly high with this phone? It's my first android and I have no idea why android fans make fun of apple users for their battery when this battery is worse than my regular old iPhone 7! 

I took the phone off charge at 100%, (I dont usually charge to 100) it was left to charge for an additional 10 minutes after it hit 100%. After about a minute the phone went down to 99% by me just unplugging it! I didnt even unlock it yet. What in the fresh hell is this bs?

Current Phone: Galaxy S10 128GB Exynos SoC | Model SM-G973F
And each percentage lasts only a couple minutes on normal web browsing and Instagram. This is so poor

Current Phone: Galaxy S10 128GB Exynos SoC | Model SM-G973F

Same problem, same model here.  


The exynos version is trash. It's a disgrace we are stuck with it.


Go to settings then  device care then click the three dots at the top right , click auto optimisation and turn it off , should help with idle usage at night also stop Google play services from using data in the background 


You shouldn't have to do that.


The other day it went from 100% to 65 % in 5 hours while just lying around. I didn't touch it. It's like having a phone with an ancient battery and it's a disgrace.


I have the exynos and yesterday, I kid you not, I managed 9 and a half hours screen on time. My battery hasn't been great either so not sure if the phone is getting used to my usage or not but I was blown away 


Same issue here. S10.

I have disabled AOD and many backgroud apps such as social ones. Display is at default FHD+.

I can barely get 4hs SOT with 10% left with no gaming and no video streaming. this is pathetic!

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