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Battery Health


Want your battery to last for years? Then learn how to be kind to it and keep it healthy.
Lithium ion Batteries (LiB) do not like stress. It shortens their life and decreases overall change capacity.
So what stresses your batteries? Many things that you maybe doing every day with out even knowing it!
Known stress factors:
Over charging. LiB’s do not like being charged to 100%. 90 to 95% seems more desirable for less stress. This does no mean never charging to 100%. By all means do it when you need to but not every time you charge. Also note that leaving your LiB's on charge after reaching 100% is bad as this heavily stresses them.
Over discharging. Like over charging this also stresses your batteries. When ever possible recharge when you get down to around 20%. If needs must it isn’t to bad to go lower but just don’t do it every time.
Over heating. Another high stressor. High battery heat can come from many sources and they are all bad. Don’t leave you phone in places where it gets hot like lying in direct sun. In your car in summer or on the dash any time.
Fast charging. Charging fast causes more heat. More heat bad. Again, use it when you need to but not when you don’t.
I used most of these tip on my S6 and after 4 years, the battery was almost as good as when it was new. I’m planning to do the same with my new S10.
Got any tips of your own to add? I’d love to hear about them!


So Fast Wireless Charger 2.0 is not a good idea?


Apparently,  fast charge mean higher amperage charging leading to higher battery temperatures and higher battery stress.

Don't get me wrong. I use it if I need it but if I've got the time I slow charge.

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Thx for the Info. I will do the same in Future

S2/Note1/Note2/Note3/HuaweiP10Pro/SonyZ5/S6/S7/Note7/Note8/S10+/S11+ wenn es auch mit 512GB angeboten wird

Why buy this phone if you are not going to use fast charge? If I have to leave all this phone can do to save my battery life then I should buy another phone. 




Yeah he's right ! If you are using fast charge feature more amperage will circulate in the battery. With a little bit of physics background lessons we know that : Power = Resistor * Intensity * Intensity ... Consequently your battery will heat up... and we know that the heat for a battery is not really good ... 


Moreover 90/95 % is good to charge your phone AND do not discharge it less than 15/20% (NOT LESS because if you damage the Lithium cells it's irreversible...). 

50% is the optimum (maybe chemical balance) if you want to shut down and store your phone for a time to resell it for example. (take a look when you are buying a new phone it's 50% charged) . 



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Thanks for the tips and information for the galaxy "S" series battery health.

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