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Automatically changing background

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I have the s10 plus which I'm very happy with, when I turn on the phone it changes automatically everytime to another background. 

I have been searching the internet but I can't find how to change also the homescreen background automatically just like the lock screen does now as I really like it?



You have selected the wallpaper pack and that's what it does . I quite like it. Anyway you need to pick a single wallpaper.  

Settings.... wallpaper and themes...... the select a wallpaper at the top of the page but not where is says multipack or pick your own from the gallery icon .

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How did you set automati change of background? Could you select your own pictures or a predefined set or there are random pictures?

I loved the function on Galaxy S7 but it has been removed (I could select up to 30 pictures from the gallery and they were changed after each turn off)

I'd like to know this to! I live tge automatically changing lockscreen but would like the home wallpaper changing too as it looks odd having one and not the other?
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Is there a way to make your own icon pack for the lock screen. I want to use costom wallpapers but have them rotate on the lockscreen every time I open the phone on my s10.

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Actually, there is a way with a 3rd party app named "4K Wallpapers". You just need to install it from Google Play (free) and download one image from their app (important - for the app to auto-create a folder). Download the S10 wallpapers and move them in folder "/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/UHD Wallpapers". After that go to "Settings" > "Auto Wallpaper Changer Settings" > Set the condition to "Change On Phone Unlock" and tap "Set Wallpaper".

The change is smooth and wallpapers keep their quality.

Good luck,
Ionut Andrei Paraschiv

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I absolutly forgot to put here a link to my article how to do it with Tasker! Now it works as expected, you can choose unlimited count of pictures, just put them into a folder.

Howto: Change lockcreen wallpaper even the screen goes off


I don't know if this helps, but I had the same issue with a Captain America wallpaper and I kept going through the settings and trying to delete any theme i had downloaded. 


It turns out that the captain america case I bought contained a chip inside that would change the wallpaper constantly. It was so annoying, but I removed the  chip and the wallpaper stopped changing.


I am not a case person and used iPhones previously, so I had no idea such cases even existed.




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