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Auto restart cancels alarm

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Since latest update, the set alarm fails to go off after the phone auto restarts during the night.

I confirm.
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Happened to me the other morning ended up late for work. Its something to do with having the lock code when the phone restarts. 

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my alarm has failed to go off twice now. 

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Happened to me as well.  I'm disabling auto restart until this is fixed. 

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Just happened to me too, I was nearly late for work so I'll be turning this off for now

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This has happened to me twice this week. I missed two appointments. I'm turning off auto restart now until Samsung fixes the issue. 

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Hi all.


Our developers have let us know that this issue should be fixed in an upcoming update to the Clock app - so it may be worth keeping a look out for that in the near future in the Galaxy Store. 


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