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Arabic keyboard and font

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On my old galaxy s5 I used to be able to change the keyboard to Arabic without the numbers changing to Arabic too but now i don't have this option on the galaxy s10plus.


I also have problem that when I change the whole phone language to Arabic the date and time switch to Arabic which didn't happen back in the s5, I prefer the latter.


I also had an app that would allow me to personalise the Arabic font I wanted but the fonts front that same app arent supported on the s10 plus.

I also am not able to personalise the font of the keyboard.

Can anyone help with this?
Thank you

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You may have mixed the naming, but I do understand the problem as I have the same.


When switching to Arabic, I still need the numbers to be in this form 1234567890


BTW, these numerals are called Arabic, while these ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩٠ are Indian. 


Samsung has mixed the issue here and they need to repair it.


Microsof office has an option to switch between both numeral systems.


For more info, check this link please:




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Same probleme switching also from s5 to s10e (same size but bigger screen 😉) samsung have to do listen to this
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Hi please help me

I have new Samsung s10+

At first menu language in english.

I change it to persian and all menu is persian but when again switch to english and again back to persian my menu language not completly persian and some menu item is English. I do factory reset but is not correct. Please help for full support persian menu language again

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Hi there,


By holding press on Indian number, the keyboard showes the corresponding Arabic format number (0 1 2 3 ...).

I hope this help. Thanks.


Best wishes,


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We don't know why samsung not solving this problem.
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