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Android 10 OneUI 2.0 BETA

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I'm unlocked and still can't get it just saying server error



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Hi @Ciaran614cass ,


To join the OneUI 2 with Android 10 beta programme, you will need an open network version of the Galaxy S10 family (S10e, S10, S10+. S10 5G), be using a UK SIM and have a Samsung Account. 


If you are unable to do this, please perform a Soft Reset and try to do this again. To do this hold the Power and Volume Down buttons. If a warning pops up, press the Volume Down button. 


So again I've just spoken to another member on the live chat and apparently the banner that's appeared again is on a temporary thing and that the official beta release will be available on or just before November as apparently the development team are still finalizing things.


I just get server error. 


I got on the Beta yesterday, Unlocked S10+ with an O2 SIM.


It's not bad - Quite a few issues so far, my Gear S3 is using about 1% Battery per minute.. It usually does about 50% for 12 hours wear. No games will load in Game Centre, they show the load screen and then black screen and nothing.


Theres an annoying bar under the keyboard (Swiftkey) with a 'Down' arrow you can press to minimise the keyboard, this has always been done using the 'Back' swipe, which worked fine. So hopefully this will be an option as it's taking up space on the screen that is not needed.


Hi. Anybody still trying to join UK beta. I went ahead and unlocked my device from its network.  Still getting 'server error' when clicking the banner so it didn't resolve anything. I needed an unlock anyway so hey. 


Same as me Zak2 I'm already using an unlocked s10 with BTU and Im still getting server error too must not Be out for UK yet unless you managed to get it on Monday when it got released by mistake


I got mine updated on Friday 25th, so not when it was mistake released. Mine is factory unlocked so maybe that's why? 


Hi JonnyWright , mines is factory unlocked as well I got it from Samsung UK online and it's using BTU firmware , where did you get your phone and what firmware are you using thanks


Came up on Samsung members banner now installed.

Some of my apps are a bit glitchy, watsapp,  secure folder & also pictures  missing.

Please  back up phone before installing 

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