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Android 10 OneUI 2.0 BETA


It won't be out tomorrow in UK I spoke to a representative today and they said they don't know when it will be in UK they said it will be on the members app when ready..

DannyT Moderator

Hey all!


We do now have a banner in the UK. But still no start date yet. Check it out here.


It shouldn't be long before we get a date!  But remember to keep an eye on the Members app!


 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:


Android 10 Beta is Live for UK if someone missing this news ,because is two threads

I just get 'server error, try again later' everyone I click the banner in the app. Any ideas? Is it just overloaded.

I was done my registration for Beta 8 hours ago, process was like usually every Beta program ,I was click Banner ,next registration and after this step download  manually software from settings 

Maybe now servers is busy 

Okay thanks. Probably just busy.

I get the same error.... 

I locked to EE network. I'm wondering if that makes me ineligible. Are you locked to network?

My phone was EE originally but has been unlocked. I use it with 3. Maybe its EE batch numbers that have to wait? I went on the live chat and they said it's becoming available in batches in the UK and to just wait. 


Only unbranded software can register for beta program in UK  CSC BTU or XEU ,you check which one you have open settings scroll down ,click about phone

If have branded software so you can't register for beta 

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