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Always on display notifications S10+

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Since the LED light is no longer on the Samsung S10+ is there a way to get the notification icons to appear on always on display for whaysapp, Snapchat etc. I can see the notification icons on the lock screen but not on the always on display. Slightly frustrating that I need to double tap the screen to see if I have a notification. Any other way for the screen to light up when I get a notification? Thanks 

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Also interested. Removing the LED might not have been the best move really...


Additionally, could we have specific settings to specify the size of the notifications text for the always-on-screen and lock-screen? if we use max resolution WQHD+ with small or medium font size (which i believe most people will) the notifications are just way too small as the owner of the phone will usually be looking at them without picking up the phone. ie: phone laying down on a table etc


@Lnesh I've noticed that the presets on the Always On Display seem to have changed, it now seems to default to 'Tap to Show'. This can be changed in the Settings to 'Show Always', when your phone is locked (Settings > Lock Screen > Always On Display > Display Mode > Show Always) . 


With the changes to the display, I don't think that there is space for the LED notification @RF00 but totally agree its something that I used all the time on my other phones. Maybe they could make use of the light that appears around the camera (that appears when you are using the selfie camera or when you're using your face to unlock) to give us this feature back. 


I've not yet found a setting that wakes up the screen when you get a notification - I wonder if anyone else has...






Hi. I'm also having an issue with this. I'm using a clear view cover and for some reason no notifications will show when using always on display. I have it set to always on because it doesn't support tap to display with cover. Always on display shows all notifications on always on display for my s7 edge using a cover. I think this needs to be updated via a software update because it's not very good in it's current form. I will be switching it off as only showing clock isn't that useful to me. 

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There is an app called glimpse that wakes your screen when you receive a notification. Annoying that it's a 3rd party app you have to use. Fingers crossed they may try and incorporate the notification around the camera ring. Not great how it is at the momentb

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I also have this problem and would like it resolved.


I have an S8 for work and the always on display is able to show notification icons when I have a notification. I.e. there's a small envelope on teh always on display if I have an email.


But on my S10+ for personal use, I can't get any notification icons to appear on the always on display.


This seems like a step backwards.


Please fix asap.

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Thanks, but unfortunately that's not the same as what I'm after. 


Rather than just having the AOD turn on for a notification, I'd like to have the AOD actually display the notification icon like previous phones have (and like my S8 does)... Because my AOD is always on... So I would need to have it off by default to make having it turn on for a notification useful, and even then it wouldn't say what the notification is.


Sorry for the long response. Thanks for trying to help. 


I might pop into the Samsung store with both of my phones and see if they can figure out a way. 


Cheers, Riro


I would like to have AOD notification icons MUCH BIGGER. I mean like INCH in diameter. Actually they are so small, that it is almost not usable.

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