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Adaptive keyboard not working?

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I just switched from my old iPhone to an S10, I love it but I'm having trouble getting the keyboard to adapt to apps set to dark mode, it's turned on but my apps that are fully darkened like discord and twitch still show up with a white keyboard, an I doing something wrong?

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Try Gboard instead because theming of app may not adapt to all apps, and look in samsung kb setting and you might see theming greyed out.


Though I'm using an S9+, I'm having this same issue. Adaptive theme is enabled for Samsung Keyboard, and it should "change to a light or a dark theme automatically to fit with the colors of each app screen"... Yet for bright Tumblr IMs I have the dark keyboard, whereas with Discord's and Twitter's dark theme it displays the white one. And it's been doing this forever. Some sort of detection obviously happens in the background before the keyboard itself pops up, because the themes do change... Except, instead of fitting the colors of any given app screen, the keyboard is in contrast with it. It's really annoying.

For the record: using the stock theme on my phone, without any customisation.

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Same issue here with S10e

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I have enable the adaptive theme and yet when I open messenger which have dark mode the keyboard is white. I didn't have this problem like 2 weeks ago.

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