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AKG headphones microphone

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S10+ user here. My  microphone on AKG headphones apparently sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't. It goes like this: Working fine -> the person whom I am in call with can barely hear me -> and then nothing, the person in call can't hear a thing. 

Could it be that system software is somehow decreasing my output volume over time?


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Superuser I

What's call quality like without using the earphones @hauntedlollipop 


If it's still patchy then it maybe the network signal of the area your in.


A good process of elimination is to try another set of earphones.


Oh and using a torch look into the earphone Jack to see if there is any build up of lint etc.


Don't go poking in there !


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic test on the phone if needed. 



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