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AKG Headphones s10+

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Anyone else found these headphones to be utter rubbish? I have fiddled with the sound settings and the sound is very poor.


I got a pair of Bose ear pods with my S3 and they sound much better. Why supply an expensive phone with rubbish audio equipment?


You couldn't agree more


I haven't even unpacked my S10 ones yet lol but I felt the AKG ones with my S8 were very good


the one bundled with s8 was way better - no doubt. This one sounds flat, to make things worse Samsung removed bass boost settings 


Oh really? That's disappointing... I was looking forward to having a spare pair of those as the S8 ones were excellent, looks their skimping to save a few quid.. that's a shame considering what my phone cost


Your all weird, the akg earbuds supplied with the s10+ are much better than the s8 earbuds. 


Yeah, they're bad. no bass at all! Tested them last evening thinking something has changed since the first introduction with the S8, but it's the same garbage sound.

The old iphone 6s headphones sound much better, the old S7 headphones sound much better. I have no idea what on earth has AKG tunned in these headphones, but someone there needs a medical checkup to their ears. No bass! Lol, even my cheap $12 baseus bluetooth headphones sound better.

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Only worthy non rubbish headphones I ever owned are the over the ears sound cancelling AKG N60 I got from my note 9 promo, and are great in my S10 plus. The stock in ear are tinny and very lacking any bass.