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5ghz Hotspot invisible


I have a S10 5G, when I go into advanced settings for the hotspot and click on Use 5g when available, activate the hotspot it is invisible to all devices. 


So so frustrating, 2.4ghz hotspot is fine. 

Superuser I
Superuser I

What devices are you trying to connect to the hotspot? Because it is possible, that they doesn't support 5GHz.


It's my PC, I have a top 4 month old t-link usb wifi that connects to 5g on my virgin router. 


I also tried it on my old Pixel 2. 




Looks like no one else has this problem. 


May do a factory reset? 

Superuser I
Superuser I

Good idea, it worth a try.

New Member

I am having the same issue, but check again and see what channel your AP is at .


I am observing that it only sees AP's that are in the lower 5G band, not the upper one.

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