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sync outlook calendar and contacts on note 9


@TheArchetect wrote:

On the Note 9 have Samsung made it so that it can sync with outlook calendar and contacts?


This is a very disappointing feature on previous phones as it could not be done. The only way to syn was to use a 3rd party app such as MyPhone Explorer.

Try this to add your contacts. You'll need to first add your email account by going to Apps > Settings > Cloud & Accounts > Accounts > Add Account. Then go to:



there is a problem to connect from Samsung Note9 to contact (hotmail/outlook)

If i compare with a Huawei P20 wiich works without any problem in that case, it seems we can't add the outlook connector here…

The support team may be have a solution ?


Have a look on picture about account connector from Huawei and Samsung






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I am facing the same issue for quite some time now, but i was able to find a fix for calendar. With "One Calendar" app, you can sync your outlook, gmail and other calendars. It takes sometime to sync but its a one time thing, once done you will be able to receive calendar notifictions wirelessly. 

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