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samsung billing error occurred

no idea yet on what could be the problem? are you using like a vpn?

I do not use VPN, because my friend also experienced the same thing that cannot make a purchase 


which country do you live in if i may ask?

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2 months ago

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look i have the same problem is was working fine before 2 months too
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so u were waiting even 2 months not working until now ?

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Screenshot_20181202-062832_Samsung Billing.jpgSame problem with Note9 in galaxy apps and trying to buy themes . This problem I have from summer, nothing helped. I'm from Lithuania.






My Device: Samsung Note 9 (SM-N960F/DS) on Android 9 One UI

Baseband: N960FXXU2CRLT


Firstly, I'm not able to locate 'Samsung Billing' app (ver anywhere on my phone.


When I want to purchase something on the Galaxy Store, it takes me to the 'App Info' section of Samsung Billing app and asks me to 'enable' the app. However, nothing happens when I touch on 'Enable' (though when I touch the Force Stop' button next to it, it works).


I've tried clearing cache, uninstalling & reinstalling updates, restarting phone, etc. but no use (even after soft reset).


Also, and annoyingly, the only way I can get to Samsung Billing (that too only 'app info' section) is only by trying to purchase something in the Galaxy Store, otherwise this app is untraceable.


Any fixes ??

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