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note9 bootloop

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Hello, my phone start restarting from boot company said that phone can't be repaired and they send me as replacement used another phone...question it possible flash new android or wipe data (hard reset) with turned off debbuging mode...or be repaired in samsung repair centre? thx

Hi, Mate!

I do understand you on this one and with regards on your question, yes you can reflash/install a custom OS in your phone. But please be informed that there are no official Samsung Software that can be downloaded on the website(If you found one, it is a modified software which has a removed security of Samsung and can cause errors on the phone).
For wipe data, it is actually called factory data reset which will delete all of the data on your to set to factory settings.
If the factory data reset might not work, rest assured that Samsung Engineers on the authorized repair centre can repair the phone to it's full functionality.

Thank you!
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no u didnt not talking about custom rom...pls search on google what "bootloop" means  and how to fix it without debbuging mode on...thx.

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