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The new update is rediculouse my note 9 looks like a childs ipad mini. I hate the new look of the icons, i hate the ugly colors, the settings. Revert this back please and fix this asap, if i wanted an iphone i would have bought one. As a matter of fact if this doesn't get fixed i will be switching to hauwei or honor, perhaps even iphone. I was a lifelong galaxy fan. but this update was enough to sum it all up. I used to love the way everything looked rugged in the s4, and even more so in the s7 edge. The settings were spot on, you felt like you were using a piece of the most modern technology and nothing can be considered its parrallel.


But this is garbage unnacceptable.  I will be returning my note 9 if it isn't resolved.

as a computer scientist i have a passion for hating iphone's, i liked samsung because it was different and it gave you so much control over your phone. You can't even get lost in the settings anymore.

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I don't think think that a reversion is in the cards right now. Regardless: All constructive criticism is welcome. Can I ask what parts of the design you don't like? In my experience Samsung is keen on collecting feedback though the Samsung Community and if there is an overwhelming bit of constructive feedback Samsung tends to listen (That is at least my experience)

With a custom theme its possible to replace the icons, I hope that this might help Samsung has a lovely theming system that is quite good

(Psssh, I hate Apple Smartphones too :p ). I won't stop you from switching to another phone - But I can't resist to say that Huawei and Honor is one company
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I dislike all of the new icons the home bytton used to be that cool looking square shape now its some deflated soccer ball and it makes me so angry when i hit the button to view the apps im running to see the iphone layout i hate apple and mostly i hated the way they did that. And just the icons all of them they look like a first grader made them in windows paint. The camera icon looks like a rectangle with two holes in it, the phone icon is a sideways piece of maceroni. Everything is dumbed wayyy down back to what the "easy mode" was on the s4. The gallery used to be a creative snapshot of an image and now they ruined it. My phone is just ugly to look at. I switch samsung like a shoe ot feels like my overdoing doesnt do anything anymore all i can do at this point is nothing more than slide left or right. I remember when i used to swipe down to view notifications the colors would be nice and vibrant with good contrast. And now they seem so darn dull and basic in other words so iphone. And honestly i feel like apple is doing a better job with their gui at this point. And bring back the good looking home button the new one is hideous. 

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There has been a spate of posts similar to yours from people none too happy with the new icons.


I submit it did take me a few days for my eyes to adjust to them !


There are icon packs within the Samsung Theme Store a person can use in the interim. 


I used iPhones since the launch of the iPhone 4 upto the iPhone 6 Plus and after using Samsung Galaxy phones and now the Note I wouldn't go back to a sandboxed iOS software or hardware Apple sell.



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Can't believe another update.....this must be the 4th or 5th update in 2 to 3 weeks for Note 9 and Galaxy watch. Samsung get it right!

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