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headphone jack failure

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I use my Note 9 daily for my drive to and from work with an Aux cable for music in my old work van, the Headphone jack no longer locks in a headphone it feels "loose, sloppy, mushy" instead of what it used to feel as a clean snap in, ive tried cleaning it with toothpicks, q tips, cotton swabs, still does not function, i have an S7 for work that I've tested the aux cable and headphones with and they work fine. i called Verizon and they claim this is not a warrenty issue. so heres my questions.

1. does anyone know a trick to get it working again?

2. anyone know a trick to force verizon to honor the warrenty?

3. is it possible for samsung to honor the warrenty? as ive paid off the phone 100% when i bought it.


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Can you try another cable with your phone @Hammercannon 


It is usually debris etc that has built up in the Jack port that causes this but I wouldn't recommend to go digging around in there as physical damage can occur inside the port.


The Samsung Phone is covered by a 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty which is usually applied by the seller of the phone so if a mobile network supplied it then generally is them that apply the manufacturer warranty. This does not cover accidental damage or water damage.

Verizon will have a complaints procedure to escalate a complaint. 


That said Samsung usually want to help anyway.


Try using a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung service Centre for support.


In the UK we have The Consumer Rights Act 2015 which further protects the consumer and business alike.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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