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camera problem with live focus and zoom

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it's not fair to repair a phone that has just been bought, but if they do not want to exchange it and give you a new one I think that you do not have too much other choices apart from fixing it


Hello all, I have the same problem. I prordered a note9 via Samsung uk. and got it on 24 August. First reported on 3 Oct. It has been confirmed by Samsung Manchester repair centre this week. The camera is faulty. Been calling customer services, the only solution that Samsung offered is repair. This is not a one off incident and I have googled online, several people have the same issues. Who will want to spend £1100 on a flagship phone and have it repaired. Its only 6 weeks old. The phone hasn't got a satisfactory quality. If I don't get a brand new replacement or a refund from samsung, I will contact my credit card company for a refund under uk section 75. It's a really bad experience and very poor customer service.

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So I went to different Costco warehouses,  different AT&T centers and tested the displays. 


I even swapped out for a new phone since I get 90 day policy thru Costco.   This new phone is a little better but still kind of does it. 


All displays have focus grainy screen issue based on my tests 


I hope it's a software issue.   Waiting for the October update which supposedly contains camera update too.


NEVER had these problems with my other Samsung galaxy phones... VERY DISAPPOINTED so far! 

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I got my note 9 on release day. Noticed the issue with the zoom a few weeks after. I have not hard reset the phone but, i just finished the camera update and the issue still there :/

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Hi. I'm also having the same problem with the camera in zoom and focus mode. It looks like it has a malfunctioning camera opener.

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Same problem here. On zooming or using live focus the telefocus lens keeps vibrating & blurry image appear.
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I am from Sri Lanka. I also suffering from same problem. 

We sent Rs. 145000.00 for this phone.

Please samsung. do not repair give us a new phone.

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