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aptx HD support for Galaxy Note 9

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All nice and dandy that Developer screen allowing force of another Bluetooth communication mode but how do you make it stick and how do you know it actually works please?


I have got AptX HD supported headphones and playing Tidal/Qobuz HiFi or HiRes music and would probably be ok with the so so AptX HD but for some reason it does not work on the Note 9. The phone supports HiRes playback so why not streaming? Samsung, really?


Anyways, LDAC 990 plus other tweaks would be the way to go but when I switch to it, it seems to work only for a moment, session? and then it reversers itself out. Or, it does not actually work, fails to negotiate, I am just not sure. Help!


Honestly I am not even sure if that's phone's or headphones fault, why phone cannot try to negotiate what I want and just tell me if it works or not? Makes no sense, this is a top end premium device. Please code it in!


The headphones, by official data, supports at least aptX, aptX HD, AAC and SBC.


Any help much apperiated.

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Like many of you I've samsung (an S9 (private) and S10e (work)) without aptx HD an da B&W PX headphone. My mistake. So if there will not be aptx HD then my next phones will not be Samsung anymore (a shame, I had them almost all starting from the Galaxy S up to the S10). But sometimes it is time to change....

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When will  Aptx HD be supported on Note 9!?

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