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aptx HD support for Galaxy Note 9

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@Typhoon1944: No worries. No timescale for the rollout was given by the developer (extremely rare to get info on timescales from them on anything - even when we ask/flatter/attempt to bribe them.)


And not so sure that a "get-out-of-jail" type disclaimer would be a good approach. Appeciate that there's a few out there who perhaps think otherwise, but we would only intentionally put something on one of our products if we have confidence that it'll work to a high and consistent standard. Hopefully, aptX HD proves to be so in this case.


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Used APTX HD with a portable receiver in my vehicle and the 2.5 year old LG G5. I have never experienced any audio quality issues. Only read about clipping issues when I started researching the lack of APTX HD in the Note 9. There would only be issues if the receiver is too far from the phone which wouldn't occur under normal circumstances.


The devs should've included APTX HD with the release instead of making us wait for APTX Adaptive. They can replace it with APTX Adaptive in the future.

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Apt-x Adaptive is already in Android P, and it should be backwards compatible with Apt-x HD..

I guess us Note) users will get Android P in January/February..


And the first Adaptive headphones should be ready early 2019...



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If I use aptX bluetooth Marshall headphones, would i have to switch back and forth with the SBC Codec when i switch to a non aptX device?  Or can I just select All codecs and it will auto select the Codec needed for each device?

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I feel your pain: I also have the Note 9, a Tidal Hi-Fi Masters subscription and some Sony WI-1000x headphones that support aptxHD. Unfortunately I'm unable to enjoy the high fidelity audio too. 


Does it make a difference changing the Sample Rate and Bits Per Sample options in Dev settings?Screenshot_20190108-002257_Settings.jpg


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Ooh I've just noticed LDAC which my headphones support. I'll use that for now

Leave the settings alone, as the device will negotiate the next connection. APTX adaptive should be included with Android 9, which will be released for the Note 9 in February.


LDAC is Sony's HD Bluetooth audio. This is comparable to APTX HD, perhaps even better. Nonetheless it should suffice your audiophile needs.


Now to wait for the Android 9 release to confirm APTX adaptive is in the build.

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I too purchased a pair of Bowers + Wilkins PX wireless headphones over the weekend and am finding my Galaxy S8+ only going up to aptx, not aptx HD. I'd assumed that since my phone had a Qualcomm CPU (835) that I'd have Aptx HD. Glad to find this conversation as it gives some hope that a fix/enablement patch might be forthcoming!


My next phone will have Aptx HD as a must-have feature.


It will be APTX adaptive, not HD.

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Well then sadly my next phone may not be a Samsung. Dang!

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