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Whatsapp calls delayed on note 9

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The issue is very strange,

when my phone is locked and someone is calling, i don't recive the call

I'am just receiving the message for a missed call, wasn't like that on my galaxy s7,
any one else having this issue?


i have note 9 for a month and it's very strange :\

and i'am not talking about the frustration


the calls are over WIFI


thanks alot for your help

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Same as mine..

Its because the lock screen doesnt light up while incoming whatsapp call is ringing..


Dont know what to do, is it from the app or its from software..

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I have found a solution and submited a bug to WhatsApp

disable custom notification and it will work normally.


i've found that it happens only when i enable custom notification to a particular user (that case was my girlfriend), at the second that i've disabled it (after a troubleshooting procedure) it started to work again.


please try and let me know if this solution worked for you too



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