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Unable to send messages

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I just got my new note 9 today and for some reason it says that it will send my message when the servers are available. I tried sending a message with and without the sim card of my old huawei p8 lite phone and it kept saying the same thing. 

Could it be because i had no money left on my sim card and had to recharge it (which I now did)? 

Superuser I
Superuser I

Sometimes the top up a person's made can be slower than usual to show on their mobile phone account.


Has this changed now ?


Can you check any relevant network app to see if your allowances have updated.


Your mobile network customer service agents would be able to clarify.


As this is happening with both your phones using the same sim card then its either your allowances or your sim card at issue or the network is experiencing mast issues etc.



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