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Touch Sound is Awful After New Update


This thread was marked as closed with a solution because some random person didn't understand what it was about. With this new update, the "touch" sound (not the keyboard click, the touching-the-screen sound) has changed from a subtle "click" to a loud, obnoxious "boop/donng" as heard in this YouTube video.


This update has completely ruined my THOUSAND DOLLAR NOTE9 PHONE for me, just because I decided to update. A moderator replied to the other thread by saying you can turn the noise off. THIS IS UNACCETABLE. I refuse to have a seemingly half-broken, mute phone that costs almost as much as a car.


Is there a way to roll back this update or is Samsung basically telling users like me (who have been with Samsung for years) that there's nothing we can do? There are hundreds of users with this issue, and when it rolls out to Sprint phones you're going to have even more angry users. I honestly don't think I will ever be using Samsung again or recommending it to my clients due to this moronic move, and if there's no way to revert the change I might just end up selling my phone and moving to another company.


I'd forgotten that there was touch sounds.  Great.  I just turned them on.  I like that.  Nice quiet click.

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