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Samsung Note 9 Battery Saving mode bug


Hi All 

i have started to experience an annoying bug 

My phone is set to automatically enter battery saving mode when the battery % falls below 15% which works fine. 

My issue is, whenever I then start charging my phone/exit battery saving mode, my Apps dissapear from my app draw and my home screen icons vanish, apart from the facebook icon? 

If i use the search bar and type in an app , it will locate it in search and I can access the app. BUT my app draw is COMPLETELY EMPTY apart from the basic system apps!

To fix it I have to restore my home screen from samsung cloud and my apps and icons then return. 

this is extremely annoying and only started happening since last friday! 

I have wiped cache partition/ cleared cache samsung home and nothing has worked.

Is anybody else experiencing this bug? 




Samsung Note 9
Samsung Galaxy watch 4g 42mm
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