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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2018.

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The presentation was great! Personally I'm quite fond of the phone and if I didn't buy my S9+ recently I would have definitely considered it (Hey, the S9+ is a shiny new awesome phone ) and with my handwriting skills (or the lack thereof) the value of the S-Pen is slightly less for me.

That said, the Galaxy Watch is on the other hand on my wishlist (I am surprised how Samsung could pump out a better watch for less).

I'm not exactly sold on bixby yet even though I realize its potential, for my native language (dutch) its pretty much an added feature that adds some value but isn't at the level it should be yet but I feel that it might grow quite quickly when given the chance.
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Me too, I was expecting a bigger and better explaination for the new Bixby, so I hope Samsung does it as soon as possibile.


See you soon!

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Hi @SjorsK


I agree the s9 is an impressive phone but I did pass it up as it not had my s8 that long and it in itself is an awesome phone. 


So effectively I was saving my money for the Note 9. 


I've had hands on with a Note 9 and from my limited usage I'm certainly going in the direction of buying one when I've finished doing my homeworkon one after product launch on the 24th I'll be watching real user reviews on YouTube etc. 


It'll be my 1st ever Note phone.  


The new watch does look amazing and I'll certainly have a play with one. 


My Gear s3 Frontier Watch is still serving me well however so I'm not going to buy one > maybe !!  


Bixby certainly needs some good updates imo and as such I currently prefer the Google Assistant. However I never gate myself off so if what they do with the more fluid conversation part etc then cool I'll give it a go again. 


I also enjoyed the Unpacked event. 

Very professionally put together and very informative which is a refreshing change to other keynotes of other fruit based products I've watched in tbe past which are heavily weighted on puffing out their chests on figures and % and graphs on marketing nonsense. 



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