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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SIM unlock

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I am a AT&T customer in USA.  In August I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Not 9 AT&T edition.
I requested AT&T to provide me with the unlock code so I may use local SIM cards when traveling abroad.
AT&T had issued a 8-digit unlock code, which upon application returns "Invalid unlock code" error.
AT&T says that they get unlock codes from Samsung.  Samsung says that they have nothing to do with locking and unlocking USA providers phones -- it is all providers doing: they modify firmware and OS to their requirements, including SIM locking and unlocking.
Stuck between to huge companies pointing fingers to each other does not help a consumer.
AT&T had replaced the phone, but the new phone has exactly the same issue: issued unlock code does not work.
After extensive reading online, I notice that some users say that unlock code should be 16-digits.  I called back to AT&T and received a 16-digits unlock code.  The first 8 digits of the longer code match the 8-digits code they gave me before.
The new code had produced the same error: Invalid unlock code.

Some people online mentioned using third-party service companies, but when I called youbreakifix, a USA certified Samsung service provider, they told me that they use the same source for unlock codes as AT&T.

Have anybody was able to resolve the issue? 

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Hi @PaulFil


You maybe better posting in the US Samsung Community forum Here.


However, This is my experience. 


Manufacturers won't get involved with a Network locked phone as it's up to the Network its locked on to remove that. 


Samsung phones sometimes also need a mastercode as well as the Unlocking code. 


This mastercode is usually supplied by the network but I think your own countries Samsung Customer services maybe able to provide a mastercode but can't help with unlocking. 


In the UK we have Highstreet Stores that advertise they unlock phones so I would use those if needed. 


I wouldn't use online unlocking companies as I've come across many posts over the years from people who have said the company failed to unlock the phone and now are having to fight to gain a refund or the unlock worked byt didn't hold or affected their phone is some negative way. 


Personally I buy my phones direct from Samsung as I prefer unlocked phones with no network branding imposed on them. 


Personally in this day and age I feel it's about time the Networks across the globe supplied all their phones unlocked to all networks out of the box !


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Thanks for the reply and the suggestion to move to USA forum.

It is a known fact that USA is well behind and quite awkward when it comes to mobile technology and service.  This is due to many factors, but mostly to practically legalized monopoly of a few providers.
I had experience with some generic unlocked devices, which are common outside of USA.  These devices though work with US providers lack some of valuable provider-specific features like Wi-Fi calling.  Another problem with them is that in USA Samsung relies on providers for devices’ support.  Providers claim that they lack expertise to service not provider specific devices thus discouraging customers from buy such devices.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that the practice of locking phones to provider is ridiculous, useless, and should be outlawed.  My case of spending innumerable hours trying to resolve such basic problem is a stark and clear example of that.


Thanks again for your suggestions.

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You're very welcome for my reply @PaulFil


I think I remember the days back when sim cards were permanently fixed into some phones in the United States causing certain issues. 

And that there wasn't such a thing as being able to buy the phones sim free factory unlocked back then so things have come on _ if only a little. 


It does appear on the face of it that the mobile networks in the United states are a little more rigid than those of the networks in the UK. 


I understand what you mean about unlocked phones out of the States and some features not possibly working.... > I was very interested not too long ago in buying the Samsung Note Fe by importing it into the UK but became quickly aware of the ramifications with manufacturing warranty support could be lacking and that certain features such as Samsung Pay wouldn't work,  and that a mobile network may not provide support to an imported phone. 


I'm aware some prefer the Exynos chip set over the Samsung SnapDragon so are tempted to import because of that too.


In the UK some the mobile networks still provide calling over wifi to a phone even if bought elsewhere. 


Some of the networks in the UK had a stipulation in their mobile phone contracts T&C's that a person couldn't sell the phone onto someone else for a certain time period.


They wouldn't unlock a phone until that time period had elapsed.


However in the real world this didn't really stop people from selling an unwanted upgrade. 


Thankfully this stipulation has been removed and now a person must usually hit a certain criteria such as a certain amount of Bill's paid on time on a Pay Monthly contract,  or at least 30 days usage on a Pay As You Go account - I think you'll call it Pre-Pay. 


In reality people will use high street stores who advertise they unlock phones or use online unlocking companies to circumvent the networks unlocking criteria !


It is about time they all supplied phones unlocked out of the box. 


Many phones are now Dual Sim versions so people will want to use two networks possibly. 


In the UK Samsung only supply dual sim hybred phones to people who have bought directly from Samsung.


UK networks can't supply them. 


I think it's enough that networks impose their own network bloatware and their own version of their firmware on their phones with unlocking them also. 


The amount of people I try to help who are experiencing real issues unlocking their phones to all networks is unreal !



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Samsung Note 9 Model: SM-N960 Dual Hybrid 512Gb_ Samsung One Ui / Pie.

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i would suggest to hard reset the phone & use unlock code again. i got 16 digits at&t unlock code and it worked.

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