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Otterbox Defender tempered glass issue

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I have my Note 9 in a Defender Series from Otterbox, and the case itself is great. However, the Alpha Glass they also sell have so far not worked well, with the first popping off in the corners, and the second one lasting for three months, but collecting dust beneath the glass itself, which clearly means it isn't staying on right either.


Does anyone know of a better tempered glass that works securely with this case, or do I need to replace it with something else? I can't have a phone without some sort of screen and case protection, as I sometimes drop my phone.

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Unfortunately I haven't used that particular case @Motormand  so I'm unable to help with that.


However the best Tempered Glass Screen Protector I've come across and thus use is the Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector.


On their website if I remember correctly one of the links shows a list of compatible cases that will work with it.



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