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One UI Theme

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I like some features and speed improvements from Pie/One UI and the theme/card look I think I'll like and get used to from the current squarish look of Oreo. But compared to other OS UIs, this one is too round for my liking. Is there any way that is not battery or RAM hungry to make the one ui feel less rounded on the cards like that found in stock android P/pixel/miui themes? Either with a theme app/settings change/etc.


Many thanks

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Kimz87.


Did you manage to find the look/feel you were after?

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Hey @ChrisM.
Nah I didn't find a solution but on another forum I think it was xda, someone mentioned something about using substratum and andromeda to change some setting that affects the corner radius on panels and notifications. But that is for 8.1. There's no solutions for 9.0 yet.

Thank you
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