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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland

Anyone on 02 got it yet?
Yes I'm on O2 but my phone was purchased from Samsung directly so could be why if you haven't recieved it
Don't get why they can't push the uodate out for everyone other company's seem to have no problem

Because the carriers handle the updates for their phones almost all android phones are the same.

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There is an o2 specific build that isn't on the phones purchased directly from Samsung.

@Eldrid wrote:

So far i think its ok. Its a bit smoother, the intelligent scan is blazing fast for me. But yes i experienced some bugs as well with some apps and dont really like the new icons. Also old donloaded themes dont work properly. @TH3ROY Can you share the link on how to roll back ot oreo should people want to.

I Swear i posted the guide links on how to downgrade has SAMSUNG MODS removed my post ? i cant find it anywhere ???

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Now that Android Pie has finally arrived i'll set a reminder to complain about Android Q when its announced haha!


I havnt got it yet I'm with O2

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I use o2 and Vodafone payg sims.


However my Note 9 is directly from Samsung.


I recieved the update this morning and decided to update my Note 9.



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I think the ones locked to a network get it at a later date mine is unlocked and I got it this morning my brother is on ee and he hasn't got it yet 

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