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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland


@Biker74 wrote:

I've just switched to the Note 9 from the S9+, where I was doing the Beta testing. 


There isn't anything to get too excited about. The new look is fine, although some of the new icons look really dated to me.


I'm kind of ok just now, used the One UI on the S and now getting to grips with the Note, which much of feels new to me.


That being said, I thought it would have been released today,  it's usually a Sunday/Monday release. 

Hey how does the S9+ hold up against the NOTE 9 ? Yeah i agree ONE UI PIE is nothing special Samsung could done a way better job seems rushed to me!

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I would say, in terms of speed,  the Note 9 has the edge, but only by milliseconds. Now, that's the S9+ running One UI compared to 8.1 or whatever it is with the Note 9.


I think the Note 9 will be delayed as it needs extra attention, but once it arrives it'll be so good.


Not sure what extra attention it needs. They already have the final version ready and have been rolling it out to other countries. Not sure why we're made to wait in the UK.


Maybe it's because we do more complaining than other countrys 

Haha sad but true !
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Trust me the Huawei mate 20 pro isnt anything on the note 9,I also had one for work don't see what the hype's about tbh...but yes I keep checking each day to see if the update is there !


I've just about got my Note 9 set up nicely and the way I want it. So I hope this release doesn't make it too much better. Not that I can't imagine what could improve on a Note 9. Which brings me onto the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. I did a lot of reading up on that and always fancied trying out a Chinese mobile. It would have been interesting to see what the American market made of it. I'm not sure I could have coped with that nano SD, but then I need to store a lot and the Note 9 can do that. And everything else.

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About the update, looks like S9 and S9+ got it today. When do you think we will get for Note9? 


Yes, got the S9+ update.


I reckon in the next few days. Perhaps this time next week.

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Its here now in uk 22nd jan
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