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Note9 in Japan is a damp squib. Any help?

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Hello Folks,


Having been trapped in the Apple arena for 6 years, I have finally had a chance to break free and go for the Note9. Yes, Japan is finally going to get the Note9 that I had been waiting for many weeks since it got launched. Finally, these folks have a chance to see the light of the day. Well, its not all Sunny though.


I checked out the Samsung Studio for Galaxy Note9 here in Tokyo yesterday. It was good to have hands-on experience. It got me all happy and high with the thought of getting the phone in a matter of 2 weeks. But then came the rough part. These folks are going to have only the 6GB/128GB 'launched' in Japan. When I enquired the reasons, they simply said that they don't know, and thats how its going to be, etc. I was and am really disappointed with this.


Wish to know, from Samsung if possible, the reason for this weird strategy. It will be obviously great to know how can I get the top spec variant(8GB/512GB).

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Hi @Neo6


It's been like this for a long time. 


Some countries get a certain chipset Exynos or SnapDragon powered phone and some get certain colours like the Black Note 9 was only very recently released in the United States. 


Its I assume driven by market trend etc. 



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