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Got the new note 9 and notice the background setting on the text message is not there anymore. That sucks!!! I also noticed that the battery is  not lasting as long as they said it would. I don't have Facebook or any other social media app that would drain a phone e either. My s8 would last all day and part of the next before I had to charge it. What's up Samsung are you trying to lose loyalty customers.

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Hi @Jaydog,


Glad you got your Note 9 early when did you get this phone? Normally a phone for the 1st few days will last less time as there are a number of factors that can effect the battery life in the early few days like the system setting up apps and doing system updates as well as setting's running not the way you have had them in the past. I will be glad to go through these with you

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I got the phone in the mail Wednesday and on top of the other issues I see there's a crack from one side of the phone to the other on the back of the phone. Not happy at all I'm going to send the phone back and go back to my S8. Very disappointed with this phone. Thanks for the help 


Background option in message settings was there in my Note 8 don't understand why it's not there in my new Note 9, has this option been moved somewhere else in Note 9 settings?


Also noticed with this new messaging app for my Note 9 you now can't


Swipe right a message to make a call


Also lock a message feature is gone



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