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Note 9 stock problem!


Yeah but let's be honest here, more than a few times, the high capacity popular colour iPhones that were pre-ordered, never materialised for weeks.



The difference is, people were informed that there were delays on those. 


This phone was quite clearly showing as in stock

when I ordered. And as I say, I was told several times it would be shipped yesterday, right up until 9.30pm last night when I was told it was out of stock


Could not agree more. 


Worse, when you call you’re put through to a person in Philippines who keeps on repeating back to you everything you say in a strange robotic way, often misunderstanding. (I have sympathy and respect for them as people, but the consumer experience is unacceptable for high value goods like these.)


Also, they took full payment on order. Apple only take full payment on dispatch. 


Just called again this morning and told this time it’s probably a stock system error and she will call me back later with more info. I bet I don’t receive a call. 

I was tempted by the extra features of the N9 but I think I’m going to cancel and order the XS Max. This doesn’t bode well. Imagine the fiasco if there’s a fault with it. 

Keep us updated! 👍


Had a chat with a helpful chap about an hour ago and they are currently blaming the weather for delays with the shipping containers.


Current due date has gone from the 7th October to the 4th...


I’ve also been told it’s now early October. 

Hence, I’ve cancelled. 

This was a business order. If another supplier acted like this, they wouldn’t be a supplier for long. 

If Samsung want to pick up the retail margins, they need to get their act together. You can’t offer guaranteed ship dates and then not even bother to tell pre-order customers that there will be a delay. 

I’ve ordered the iPhone Max. Will be with me tomorrow. No hassle. 

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@SithLord wrote:

Yeah but let's be honest here, more than a few times, the high capacity popular colour iPhones that were pre-ordered, never materialised for weeks.


Taking a look at some of the Networks and Apple's forums over the coming days I've always seen and expect to see people's posts detailing experiences who have had their orders delayed, cancelled or very little communication being offered. 

It's been the same situation with every iPhone launch. 


I've not seen that very often with Samsung flagship launches as far as I can recall. 


That said communication is key and as such as long as a customer is kept in the loop they are more compromising. 


I pre ordered the Black Note 512Gb very late on the 23rd from my local bricks and mortar Samsung Experience Store and picked it up the very next day i.e launch day. 


I can't speak for online orders but the High street Samsung Experience Store had quite a few units for sale. 





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