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Note 9 camera terrible

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We need to get a fix on the note 9 camera 


Its terrible even my iPhone 7 takes better pictires. One of the main issues is that you can never get a focussed picture. It was my daughter graduation and 90% of the photos are completely unusable. 


Samsung need to sort this issue out asap

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Superuser I

There are self trouble shooting options by launching the phone app and keying in *#0*#


"Hardware test: go over to your dial pad and type in *#0*#, this will bring up a number of tests.


Back Camera: Select Mega Cam.

Align your phone and tap the ‘capture’ icon to take a photo. Verify that the flash works during this as well.

Review the photo and let us know the results.

Let me know if your cameras focus correctly in this mode.

If they do, then it highlights a software issue, if not, then I'd recommend popping into a Service Location to have your phones looked at by a trusty engineer at a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre location"


A Samsung Experience  Store or Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic. 


That said I remember the last firmware update I did had camera bug updates in it, however even prior to that my Camera in Auto Mode and just pointing and clicking gave me clear photos on my Note 9. 


I wish you all the best with this situation @Chidisung



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I agree: 1200 euro to have pics worst than with a compact camera worthing 90 bucks... totally absurd, i'm going to sell it out soon i tell you, very disappointed from Samsung. I come from a NOTE 5 and pics where far better.

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