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Note 9 Singapore Edition Dual Sim in the UK


I bought a Note 9 for my relative from Ebay, turns out its originated in Singapore and last update on the was November security update. 

Is there any way of getting it updated to One UI, or any way of changing firmware so its UK version? 

Superuser I
Superuser I

Hi @supaabzz 


Your dependant on that country pushing out updates and if it was supplied by a network originally then it'll have that networks flavour of firmware on it and are dependant on them allowing Samsung to push out the updates.


However there is options.


Look on the xdadevelopers site to learn about custom roms.


Learn about the pros and cons of performing this process too.


A person doing this does so at their own sole responsibility knowing that a phone can be put Into an unusable state and possible manufacturing warranty being voided.



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