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Note 9 Screen Scratches

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Yep... same here brother... due to upgrade my 55 inch 3d Samsung TV... my money will go elsewhere unless this is rectified

Just an update, Samsung have agreed to replace the screen free of charge. You should all make a complaint and get it fixed. Hopefully they realise how ***** their phone is and refund them again.

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Hi just a quick one who did you complain to ? I need front and rear doing hopefully they change them for real gorilla glass.. I did notice ove past year different manufacturing locations maybe that has effected the quality? Thanks jimmy

I started by sending it in for a warranty repair which got declined, then did a department fair trading complaing that went no where.

I then used the "email the CEO" tool on the support page of Samsung's website. We had a number email exchanges and they kept declining. I then showed them a few of the messages from this thread and they agreed to fix it free as a "gesture of good will". I now need to book it in. Hopefully thats the last of the issues. Just be persistant.

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Thanks mate I'll get on the case.... =D good luck =)

I have note9 from 21.12 no even one scratch on my phone front or back.

I use spigen case from Amazon and on display just classic tpu protector 3pack from Ebay about 4£ all tpu is scratches already but screen is cover.

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