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Note 9 Screen Scratches

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I just got my note 9 last December and noticed there is a scratch on the right upper part of the screen.  It was never dropped on a hard floor or rough surface, it did fell from my side table while it hanged from the power cable.  I didn't think it would easily get a scratch from that. 


I have seen videos of scratch tests and those units they tested using metals tools didn't even get a scratch! Is there something wrong with the units they released or were they sending the best units for testing?


I use a £ 2 tempered glass from ebay or Aliexpress they work fine and touch is ok. The FPS is at the back not like the S10. iF ANYONE NEEDS A LINK TO THE BEST TEMPERED GLASS which sticks let me know.

I would not pay €50 for that whitedome when I paid € 1000 for the phone. Even a TPU/Hydrogel film of good quality like ZNP will do. 

You do not need to buy the Whitestone dome anymore. I bought a similar one from this company called Alinsea on amazon. It costs £10 and the customer service is impeccable. They gave me a free replacement because i messed up the application and ended up with a bubble. its full adhesive like whitestone dome and comes with a UV light. It takes some time and patience to install but once its on its like theres nothing on there. Its great overall.
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