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New software update issues


I am having two problems after the new software update for the Samsung Note 9. Please help!


First, the dot on the home bar at the bottom of the screen disappeared and not I can't get the home bar to disappear any more.


Second, in the Samsung messenger app the name of the contact is the same color as the background color whether it is white on white or black on black, the contact name can't be seen because of this.


Thank you in advance for any help.

Superuser I
Superuser I

The dot in the navigation bar you mention is no longer available in the new update I'm afraid @ansichp 


You can choose to use the new Gestures option if you wish instead.


Settings - Display - Navigation Bar. 


Some themes are not fully compatible with the new update so people are choosing another theme or reverting back to the Samsung Stock theme so info is better visible.


If you are using a theme them you could let the theme developer know via their own feedback avenues. 


I like many have sent feedback to Samsung via the Samsung Members App  / Samsung + App.


Perhaps do the same.



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