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Mystery diaogostic alert.

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 Can anyone tell me what this countdown overlay is on my screen. (See screen shots). It happens every few hours and is very invasive. I need to get rid of it.  Thanks.


Looks like a 3rd party app has put some junk overlay on your phone, most likely a system cleaning style app (its built in nowadays, no need for these apps)

Superuser I
Superuser I

@TheTampra short of going down a safe mode reboot to single out what this is what app's have you added around the time this started? have a look in the app's list to see what is running this can hint to what it is.

DannyT Moderator

Hi, @TheTampra.

As previous users have said it looks like a third party app. To figure out what app it could be try this.

After the problem has recently occurred, open the Google Play Store, then go to: Menu (the three lines on the top left corner) > My apps & games > Installed.

The Installed apps will show in alphabetical order by default. Tap the lines next to 'Alphabetical' to change the sort order to 'Last Used.' The app causing the overlay will be high up on the Last Used list.


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