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Moisture detected notice

Hi 3 times I've had the moisture detected warning come up on my phone the first time I rebooted my phone whilst it was plugged in and that seem to solve the issue I took it along to the Samsung service centre and they said they couldn't see any issues it then happened again I did the same and it seemed ok I took my charger along to the service centre and they said there was no issue then today I was listening to music and the message randomly appeared again it took a while to get it to charge this time but I noticed my phone was quite warm at the time ? Does anyone know if there is a fix to this its happened 3 times in 8 weeks so it's not like it's an every day occurrence any help would be greatly appreciated


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Superuser I

Sometimes sudden changes in climate temperature can cause condensation within the phone.


A case can cause issues but is rare.


Usually these pop up advisories disappear after 5-10 minutes.


Samsung attach a 24 Month manufacturing warranty so if this was my phone if I was out of the swap out period which is 30 days in the UK I would ask my Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre to run a diagnostic test etc on the phone.


If you can take screenshots to show when this happens to support your claim.



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Yeah I did take it to a store they did some tests and said nothing was wrong with it ! X i had my phone plugged before it happened as I was transferring some pics and it was quite warm it's been over 12 hrs now and the message hasn't appeared yet ! It charged ok last night so I'll keep an eye on it today ! If it happens again I'll go over there tomorrow thanks 👍
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