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Moisture detected note 9

That is bad ! I've only had the message that once I plugged in the phone and rebooted it ! Message disappeared and haven't had any issues since 

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Confirmed works restart with it plugged in about 2-3 times it will start charging 

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Confirmed! Works! Leave it plugged in restart phone 2-3 times 

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Thank you, I had that water icon for about 2 days after my back glass cracked while working on my car, tried out the way u said and it worked! Even though the wireless charge still worked, it takes long that way. Thanks again!

glad it is sorted for you

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Galaxy Note9
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Alternate solution to moisture detected
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2 minutes ago
My phone can be charging just fine and if I switch sources or simply interrupt the charge I get the moisture detected warning. Obviously is wasn't there the previous 30 minutes and nothing has changed other than the interruption. What I think is happening the phone gets a spike of current that it thinks is a short or moisture. I'm sure some sort of software update will address this. In the mean time to defeat the ID 10 T error is to disconnect charger, press ok on warning, shut phone off, plug in charger, wait for the charging graphic to appear, turn phone back on. This has solved my problems with ID 10 T no moisture in USB-usb detected problem.
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Exactly that works.

I have had the same issue with my Note 8 but it seems mine has been caused by a damaged charging cable.

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In my case that's not it. I have several cables and it doesn't matter once the error message is there. In fact I've noticed if you leave the phone side of the cable connected to the phone and switch to another charging source I'll get the error even though just a few seconds earlier everything was fine. In this case nothing changes except the big end of the cable. 


I am also having this issue.  The phone DID NOT GET WET!!!  I can charge wirelessly, but I cannot charge with the USB cable.  The port is not wet, the cable is not damaged.

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