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Migrate to Note9


I'm expecting my pre-ordered Note9 to arrive on Friday. Any tips with what I should do to get ready to migrate from my S8+ ? What's the best way to backup my S8+ in readiness to set up/restore/migrate to the Note9 ? Should I insert my SD card before I first power up the Note9, or after it's first set up ? Thanks in advance...


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just use smart switch to transfer data from the s8 plus to the note 9. this come pre-installed on both these devices. and the best thing is you don`t even need any wires, it can all be done wireless.

But use wires if loads of content, it's much quicker innit.

Superuser I
Superuser I

I always back up my phone prior to swapping. 


In the past I've used my Samsung Cloud Back ups and my contacts are in my gmail. 


Pictures are in Dropbox. 


However this time around because I'm buying my N9 from my local Samsung Experience Store they are doing the switch for me  



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