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MISSING things from One Ui!


@Kingsherry wrote:

WHY DOES THE ALWAYS ON DISPLAY SUCK NOW. What the f*** is Samsung doing with their always on display, it's no longer a fkin always on display. You have to tap it in order to display the always on display. Wtf ! You might say it's not a big deal but it is a big deal, i check the time several times throughout the day and the fact that I have to tap it now is super annoying otherwise it won't show it. If you're a developer think about this, what is the bloody difference between me tapping the display and pressing the power button. They're both two-step processes! Samsung have made everything as a two-step process thanks to this bull**** one Ui.


1. There is no longer 'Game mode' on the one Ui. Samsung advertised gaming on the note 9 and have now removed the gaming mode option.


2. On the tasks Edge panel, there is no longer 'Device Maintenance'. Wtf. I used to use these 2 all the time.

And I know that this is an old form, but one last thing...  you mentioned the AOD for your note not being on "Always"  

Settings > Lock Screen > Always on Display > SCROLL DOWN >Display Mode and SET YOUR SCHEDULE to when ever you want it.  I got mine to run from 07:00 to 00:00 and when my phone locks during the day I got my AOD running.  

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hi have the same problem with the game tool...


i intentionally bougth NOTE9 mostly just because it was one of the best phones for games not because of phonecalls and SMS (i have my blackberry for that)..


i thought NOTE9 has a cool game options specially to prevent accident touches, preventing you in going to the home screen while in the middle of the game.... now its gone and its dissapointing... NOTE9 wasnt cheap,,, but eversince the upgrade,,,, it just downgraded!!!!!!!! i almost on the edge of regreting it... i only use it mostly for games (aside from that, its almost useless for me)


i hope samsung can fix this,, and give priority to game tools.

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