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HDR flicker (same as on S9 series)


Watch this video in a dark room with auto brightness on and set it to 1440p 60 HDR.

Now put your hand near the proximity sensor.


Enjoy the show...

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Hi @SithLord,


I have tried to recreate this and not been able to, it looks like that the light sensor for the auto brightness is being triggered due to the darkness and then sudden light from the screen, the hand being near the sensors is just reflecting the light from the screen on to the sensor and trying to make the screen react for the change in light levels.


It does it without the hand there too.

I think it's like that but I think it's a conflict between HDR playback brightness (auto goes to 100%) and the setting for auto brightness which in low light is low.

Do what you're left with is that.

But.. you're saying in a dark room, playing that video on auto brightness doesn't act the same?

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You have answered it yourself there I believe just turn off auto brightness, for me I would have to say maybe it's a case that whilst having the auto sensor on in most cases is fine there can be issues in the fringe of use really you should avoid using your phone in complete darkness if possible due to long-term eye issues.

Well yeah, I mean it's not affected my eyes so far in 20 years but we slowly are getting to retina burning levels I guess haha.

But maybe that should be looked at, on HDR YouTube videos you can't change brightness.. and HDR is the new incoming norm, I wouldn't normally use such a brightness as auto is normally very good, but when HDR comes into play, it all goes 100%


In fact, with HDR videos, you can't turn down  brightness on auto or manual brightness settings. Screenshot_20180828-125550_YouTube.jpg




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I use the original app. I did some testing and it only happens when there is low ambient light like in my room with lights off otherwise it is fine. Maybe see if it happens to you then

My theory is because HDR requires the brightness to be maxed out then in a dark room the light coming off the screen messes with the light sensor which causes the flickering

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Hi all. 


Our software team have advised that if this happens again/is still happening for any of your folks then to send them some log files (and if possible video from when the issue starts) via the Samsung Members app just after it happens so they can analyse what may be going on.


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We recently purchased a UE55NU tv and having the same issue.

We watch tv in a dark room all the time and all dark scenes in any HDR content has changing/flickering brightness. So annoying we avoid HDR content and go for Full HD insteaf. Wish there was Full HD tvs to buy still at 55” but had to go UHD. The tech on samsung just doesnt seem ready for it. Turning off subtitles helps a little but with them on its crazy. Everytime a sub i displayed, the brightness jump up drastically to then just drop as soon as text dissapears. The theory it being the sensor reacring to the light in the room makes sense.

As an example, found The Ranch Part5 on Netflix that is HDR content with many dark scenes. Utterly unbarable to watch on the TV. So was The Ozark on Nerflix in HDR.

Please fix the software and providenan update ASAP.

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