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Google Assistant question.

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*chews edge of desk*


I can't even get it to do a voice match it just goes to a "please wait... " Screen and stays there.


It's driving me crackers, didn't realise how much I used it on my S8+ until I got the Note 9 and now can't use it unless I press home key between that and the unlock paused -manual unlock message.



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Any news about this or have any one of you figured out a solution?  


Going into the settings using this approach worked great and "my Google" is now set up to recognize my voice!! 


- Thanks!!!

Using this approach worked great! Thank you very much!
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This worked for me, but now when I interact with Google, there's no voice answering back. It just opens a page. For example, before when I was asking "how are you" Google would reply by voice. Now it just opens a page about "How are you". Any ideas how I can get the voice back?

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"Access with Voice Match" is never active.

Cleared cache and all. uninstalled Google app. Rebooted. Re-installed Google App. Still the same.

"Ok Google" doesn't work.


I finish the "Access your Assistant with Voice Match" wizard. It says "You're all set". Then it returns to the options screen, but the "Access with voice match" option is still passive. 


Btw, When I click mic icon, I can talk to the assistant. It recognizes my voice. But "Ok, Google" doesn't work at all.


I'm on Samsun One UI (Android Pie).


Any help please!

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Seriously this starts to get ridiculous.

Can some actually consider to fix this.

I've been waiting for a fix for almost a year, wtf is this ? 


Useless service both from Google and Samsung! 


I just did an online chat with samsung about this and they want me to take it to a service centre for repair...surely if we are all having issues , it is not our phones that are broken?

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I tried my friends S9 yesterday and it doesn't work there either but my brother s9+ works. So I think it has something to do with the software. 


In this case both Google and Samsung sucks.

Worst support ever buying a phone for around 1500€ and haven't been able to you voice assistant at all.

And I dont think Samsung actually cares thought they won you to use Bixby instead.


I will not buy a Samsung again, time to move on to something new and hopefully better. 

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Definitely software related.


I use a custom rom (hades) and tried to make it work, but with no success.

Then I reinstalled the custom rom and during installation of the rom, there's an option "include assistant" or similar.

So I checked and finished the installation, and it works now perfectly. Also, previously disabled options are now enabled in assistant settings.



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