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Galaxy app store problems

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after updating to Android 9, my Galaxy Apps store doesn't show the "default apps" of my Note 9 under My apps and then All any longer. There was a list of "suggested" apps (I think they were labelled pre-installed) which disappeared.


I can still see the Galaxy Essentials when selecting the EXCLUSIVES category. Is this the new desired behaviour with Android 9 One UI?


Btw. I have tried to reset to original behaviour by selecting deinstall updates for this app, now the update is no longer offered - do I just have to wait?




ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Elmo.


Are you still having this issue with Galaxy Apps or did you manage to resolve it?

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I don't even know if this really IS an issue but the behaviour is still the same.


Just for info, on my Note 9 the version of Samsung Galaxy Apps is with a statement of being the latest version.




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Superuser I

Hi @Elmo,

As I understand it you are on 9 was this updated automatically or done by yourself via a flash? if so it is just the instalation of 9 and the one UI not talking right and this will be fixed when the OTA version goes live. I have recreated the issue and see no way around it our side. IHave gone back to 8 myself for now)

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i have same problem like you.did u mange to fix it?

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