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Galaxy Note 9 Dead Spot when using the S-Pen


How do I run diagnostic on a pen. My s pen works certain icons,  can't use it to scroll a page or type in keyboard. Have to use a different pen or finger

DannyT Moderator
Hi there, @Deangunter.

You can run the diagnostics on your S-Pen by dialing *#0*# from your phone. This will open up a tiled menu. On this Menu tap S-Pen.

You can also check the sensors/touch screen in this same menu.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you. 

I found the problem, another user had posted he had a magnetic case (like rokform) part of screen where magnet is located was the dead spot. I replaced the magnet with a golf ball marker from golf divot tool (exact same size) and now screen works fine and phone still sticks to rockform magnet on dash. 

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Exactly the same problem , and indeed it caused by cover magnets 


If your using the rockform case with magnet inside. I popped out the magnet and used a golf ball marker, (they're the same size) & they're steel and phone still sticks to rockform magnet. Phone works normal now. 


I don't use the s pen much but tried it out with my samsung clear view which has magnets. Luckly I found no dead spots.

thanks! it was okay after removing it!
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