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Galaxy Note 9 Dead Spot when using the S-Pen

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Had my phone 3 weeks having pre-ordered and traded in my old Google Pixel XL. I have just noticed that when using the S-Pen it doesn't work in a particular spot (left hand side, about 2/3 up). It doesn't work in Notes, when scrolling down websites etc. Found some advice in the Note 8 help:


Head to the Dial Pad and type in *#0*# 

Click on S-Pen

Then use 'SPEN Draw'

Go back

Then use 'SPEN Draw #2


But the S-Pen doesn't work there in that spot either. This is now my only phone so I don't w want to send this back for repair. For the money this cost I want a new replacement. I left Samsung after the whole exploding Note battery problems for Google but came back thinking lessons may have been learnt but it would appear not to be the case. The phone should be perfect for £899.99. 

Screenshot_20180917-191902_Samsung Notes.jpgExample of the deadspot using Notes



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Thank you. 

I found the problem, another user had posted he had a magnetic case (like rokform) part of screen where magnet is located was the dead spot. I replaced the magnet with a golf ball marker from golf divot tool (exact same size) and now screen works fine and phone still sticks to rockform magnet on dash. 

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Hey @jwright! As you've only had your phone for a short period of time, we'd recommend speaking to the retailer about a replacement. However, as the manufacture, we'd offer a repair based service and have many Support Centres around the country. You can check your area here.

Do a diagnostic on the spen see if you get the same problem it asks to touch each square one at a time if the problem still there after, then contact one of the star team
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Hey, @jjwright.

Have you managed to get this looked at?


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i would expect a replacement rahter than a repair and not just the retailer but also from Samsung.

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Just thought I'd share my experience with this issue. I had exactly the same problem, same dead spot... Turns out I have a magnet in my phone case, right beneath the dead spot, and taking my phone out of the case fixed the issue.


Hopefully this info helps anyone searching for this error in future!


was it a samsung case?

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I don't think so, it's a cheap feeling case I received when I bought my phone, so I'm just using it until my Spigen case arrives (without a magnet).


The Samsung clear view cases do have magnets and so far I have found no dead spots.


I freaked out until i realised it was the magnet on my case. Took it out of case and all good

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