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Force touch swipe navigation removed?


I dont seem to trigger swipe left or right gestures on note 9,

Hard press left or right should trigger back or recents buttons but it seems myne doesnt work.

Hard press home works but hard bress home then swipe left or right act like i press the home button, has force touch been removed from the note 9?


Can no one confirm this feature is still present?

I tried safe mode but it doesnt work either.

Superuser I
Superuser I

@AndreiFrom93 Sorry can not be of any help here I have only ever know about the hard press on the home button.


If you have a note 9 (or n8 s9 s8 )hard press in any other app except homescreen, until you feel a vibration, then swipe left or right, it should activate recents or back, if you use standard navigation bar layout, hardness with the nav bar hidden and swipe left, it should open the recents menu.

Thanks for replying!

Apparently its not yet implemented, Is there any mod that can confirm whats happening with this feature?
Also, the movable shutter button from S9 is not present on N9.
Hope we get those features on N9 because I for one I used them extensively.


The floating shutter button is present.

Its enabled in the camera settings 

Thank you!.
Still waiting for force touch gestures.

Any mod that can give some info?


I hope I'll get my answer in a few days or I'll just return this phone, thicker bezels, missing pressure gestures, giant nav bar. 

AntS Moderator

Hi @AndreiFrom93. We've asked our R&D team about this one for you - and we'll update you guys as soon as we get a reply from them on it.


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