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Finder search note 9 pie +oneUi


I also meet that when opening folder in samsung experience home (, it'll be lag a moment to open it.


Anybody facing the same problem?

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I do have the same really annoying problem. I have 200+ apps installed, so I definately need a way to search them. Good thing is google now widget search works fine. But I prefer using the native Finder for searching installed apps. Resetting my phone is not a solution. Please advice!
Absolutely! Infact Google search widget isn't even consistent in its personal search. We ought to rely on Finder search. Need some immediate solution.
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How can it be solved? Facotry reset is not a solution. I have the same problem with my galaxy s8 after update dlto one ui and android 9. Why Samsung cannot test stuff before its released to customers. I hate them so much... . If u need sth that works u need to buy apple apparently :/ this is ridiculous 


Anyone solved it? My finder was just working suddenly, but don't know why.


I think that maybe you could try cleaning data of stock samsung experience home.


The time that I found finder don't working, I disabled it.


Then I found that stock samsung experience home is laggy when I open any folder in the home screen or apps tray.


So I clear the data of Samsumg experience home and don't creat lot folder,  seems that be better than before when opening folder.


And finally I just try re-enable the finder app, and it just working.


Maybe it's not the reason, but could give it a try.


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I have the same problem and clear data in samsung experience didn't help.

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Guys, it's me again.. I try everyday for change in Finder's search behavior and today IT SOMEHOW WORKED! I can't find the reason why. The only new thing today was the installation of all Bixby updates from Galaxy apps. (Bixby home, voice, service etc - 3 or 4 updates). Please try this solution and write back if it worked.

Awesome ! It worked like charm. Issue resolved. Go to Galaxy Apps & your account & update all. 

Thanks !

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Works! Thank u
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I can also confirm that it works.

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